The Land Dwarves of Fyord

Land Dwarves of Fyord

Home of the Land Dwarves; Fyord is an almost entirely flat expanse of plain. The Plain of Daggoth is dotted with Dwarven-made hills of tamped down earth adjacent to the pit mines and quarries where the earth was dug out. The detritus from the mine is carefully arranged to make solid, defensible, mounds called Tors. The Dwarves live in sturdy homes built of stone and brick atop these artificial hills. The false mountains are the only landmarks in the non-descript grasslands of Fyord. Each Tor is the stopping point for one fleeing clan of dwarves as they left the World’s pole following the Exodus.

They do not build anything below the surface that does not have direct access to the open sky. Land Dwarves as a group DO NOT go underground. From a young age they are cautioned against it and it is a fear that is well instilled. The Land Dwarf that will is rare indeed, and he will be haunted by stories of evil things and an upbringing that directs against it.

Long ago they lived under, and mined into, the World’s Pole but they found something there that they will not talk about and they will not dig mine shafts… they will only dig pit mines, which they do quite well.

The migration of the Land Dwarves has affected them badly. The tradition and stability of their way of life has been upset and they have an inbuilt, racial malaise that makes them seem sad and morose to outsiders. The pride of ownership has been slow to enter back into the Land Dwarves and many of them have become wanderers and vagabonds. The clan system that governed these Dwarves has broken down and the honor that sustained them, and the ancestor worship that nourished them, has been shattered. The shrines to their forefathers were lost as they fled the mountain and the shame of leaving weighs heavily on them. Many brothers and sisters were lost during the exodus and it is rumored that some may have stayed willingly to some fell end.

They have lived above ground for only 3-4 generations so they still have darkvision and the remaining Dwarven traits but they might not forever. The bond with the earth that had reassured them for so long has been faltering as they have begun living on the ground instead of within it.

Land Dwarves are more tolerant of humans since they have very close trade ties with them and they now build homes above the ground as well. The humans of Ruffenacht are more tolerant of them since Land Dwarves are quite a bit more humble than the high and mighty Dwarves of Fasthold, who perceive humans as barbarians and thieves. Many Land Dwarves have businesses and families in Ruffenacht since they no longer have an ancestral home underground. They are much less tradition bound than Hold Dwarves.

Fyord is a country on maps only. The various settlements of Dwarves have no unified leader and work with each other only infrequently. In the case of a full-fledged attack on a Tor, a clan might be able to request aid from another clan but the request is as likely to go unheeded as it is to be responded to. The cultural identity that the dwarves used to have has been shattered by the events leading up to the Exodus.

The Land Dwarves of Fyord

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