Character Creation

Character Creation

The elders will have planned for a good mix in your group. Please try and make your party with a mix of abilities and skills. The Dwarven halls are full of old traps and at least one focused trapfinder will be near imperative. Healers and a cleric would be a great boon to the company as well. Since you are being sent underground, be aware that you will want to focus on underground skills.

All characters will be Dwarves from the Clan QuartzTooth Most classes printed in a WOTC book is available as a starting class. There are no Psionics on Taern. Discuss with me how to tailor to Clan QuartzTooth.

Almost any gear is available to you, Check with me for alchemical items but otherwise you have your pick of anything that your clan can provide.

All weapons and armor will be Dwarvencrafted Each of you is fitted with Earthsilk Jersey (DR1/bludgeoning or slashing) Each of you is provided with a Goliath (Dwarf) healing kit (+4 to check 10 uses)

32 point stat buy from page 169 of the DMG.

All classes have access to Knowledge: Dungeoneering and Survival as class skills.

MOST current WoTC books can be used for character class (check with me for suitability) but there are some restrictions to consider. This is a low magic world. Magic is difficult to come by and there are only 9 known Mage level arcane casters. Impressing one of these Mages in order to become a student may be difficult if not impossible (depending on the Mage in question). Finding a Sorcerous mentor may be even more difficult. Sorcerers are thought to have made deals with evil powers in order to get their powers so any sorcerers of any ability will tend to hide themselves from the public eye. Warlocks/Witches are even more scarce as there is no doubt that some pact has been made.

  • · ALL spell casters (Arcane and Divine) will receive spells at ½ the rate indicated. If the book says that you get 2 first level spells then you will instead get 1. All partial numbers will be rounded down.
  • · Primary Arcane casters (Wizards, Sorcerers, Warmages, Wu Jen, Warlocks, Beguilers, Duskblades, etc) will advance at ½ experience. Arcane magic cannot be learned without a master to teach them. Before any spells above 0 level can be cast, the player will have to find someone to teach them.
  • · Levels can be taken in a Primary Arcane caster class but no spells will be learned until a teacher is found at which time the modified number of spells would be gained. So there is a benefit to taking levels in Primary caster classes prior to gaining a mentor since the character caster level will be in effect when casting is available.
  • · The only exception is the bard who will still progress at standard experience but will still be subject to the number of spell casting restrictions as above and will still need to find a teacher.
  • · Secondary casters (class has spell progression at a higher level than 1st (Paladin, Ranger, Assassin, etc.)) will not be penalized in experience points but will be subject to the ½ spell casting restrictions. If the Secondary caster will be casting Arcane magic, a mentor will need to be found similar to Primary Arcane Casters.

New uses for a forgotten skill:

It may be worth your time to invest a couple points in Heal. I know that it used to be worthless but with the lack of magic this skill gets a little altered. Clerics will only be able to cast half as many cure spells so this might be a good idea for any player. A successful heal check will heal up to the skill level (including wis mod) of the healer on a DC of 15 as long as there are bandages handy. Using makeshift healing tools (blanket or cloak strips) will be a DC 20 check and will heal 1/2 of the healers skill level in hit points(rounded down). A character can only be “healed” once per injury up to maximum starting HP -1. If they lose additional HP after the “heal” then they can be “healed” again but only up to the level of the new wounds. for example: You Start with 20 Hp and lose 10 Hp in a battle with goblins. Your healer (heal skill 4 and wis 14) bandages you with strips of his cloak then you would get back 3 HP. So your current HP is at 13 hp. If you then get in another battle and lose an additional 3 hp. You could get bandaged back up to 12 Hp but not higher even if someone with a better healing skill or with clean bandages then comes along. Also, if you are injured, then you will regain HP back at a rate equal to the best heal skill level (Incl. wis mod) of all people with the heal skill +1 per person with a heal skill over 5 points per 12 hours of uninterrupted rest as long as that healer is available during that time. Example. Your party has just been beaten by bugbears and is seriously injured. You retreat to a safe haven of a cave a mile from the battle. You have a cleric with 8 ranks in healing and 14 wisdom. You also have a thief who has taken 5 points in the heal skill. For every 12 hours of uninterupted rest every member of the party will get back 11 HP.

Character Creation

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