Arthus Sinfideon

The largest Cyclops at the Tower of Aspasia. Arthus wears a full beard and rings of gold running from his palms up to his massive shoulders. A single band of gold graces his forehead and his single eye is piercing gray.


Arthus Sinfideon is the leader of this group of Cyclops. His voice is deep and sonorous and his demeanor is serious.


Arthus has provided the following information during discussions with the PCs. · “This is the Tower of Aspasia” · “You are not the first younglings to journey this way” · “We are here to warn Aspa of the next incursion and will sell our lives to allow Aspa time to ready.” · “The local evils cannot peer into this tower. It is warded and protected” · “The ruins of Tor Thrana are inhabited by an elemental seeress.” · “There have been rumbles and earthshocks emanating from the ruins for the past month. It seems that the Seeress is vexed. I dare not send my people for fear of her wrath” · “Just before the earth began to quake, our scouts witnessed a sharp featured human leaving the ruins. He headed East”

Arthus Sinfideon

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